Zadar, Cathedral of St. Anastasia

International Census of Doctoral Dissertations

The International Census of Doctoral Dissertations in Medieval Art and Architecture provides listings since 1982 of doctoral dissertations completed or in progress related to medieval art and architecture. The census is currently being hosted by Montclair State University in New Jersey. Efforts are underway to host the census on the ICMA website. Census: 1994-present | Census: 1982-1993

boss from the cloister of Christ of the Last Judgment

Graduate Programs in Medieval Art History

Essential information about graduate programs in art history that include a medieval component (broadly defined). The primary purpose of the census is to provide a single resource for students interested in pursuing an advanced degree in medieval art history. It is also hoped that faculty will find the list useful in guiding their students. Find out more about the ICMA Census: Graduate Programs in Medieval Art History.

Limestone Provenance

Limestone Sculpture Provenance Project

Because many sculptures in public collections were removed from their original sites long ago, scientists and art historians have collaborated to answer questions concerning their geographic origin and attribution. Scientists contribute to solving these problems by determining the stone’s composition using neutron activation analysis. Go to Limestone Sculpture Provenance Project.

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