Kalamazoo 2014 Call for Papers: No/thing: Medieval Art and Apophasis

Call for Papers: No/thing: Medieval Art and Apophasis

Session to be held at the 2014 International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 8-11, 2014. Sponsored by the International Center of Medieval Art (ICMA).

Organizer: Alexa Sand, Utah State University

This panel seeks papers that explore the implications of the concept of nothing for medieval art history and visual/material culture studies. Apophatic or negative theology, characterized by an emphasis on what is not known or knowable, serves as a framework for understanding the centrality of “nothing” to medieval mentalities. Given the recent materialist turn of medieval studies in general, the panel will contribute to an ongoing discussion of the relevance and applicability of such approaches as ecocriticism, post-humanism, and thing-theory to medieval art history in light of the way these theoretical positions rely on or resist apophasis.

Deadline for Paper Proposals: September 15, 2013

Paper proposals should consist of the following:

  • Abstract of proposed paper (300 words maximum)
  • Completed Participant Information Form (available here).
  • CV with home and office mailing addresses, e-mail address, and phone number
  • Statement of ICMA membership status (note: all participants in ICMA sponsored sessions are required to be members of the ICMA)

Funds may be available to defray travel costs of sponsored session participants.

All proposals & inquiries should be directed to Alexa Sand (alexa.sand@usu.edu)

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